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Hiya~! I'm a cosplayer residing in tampa florida... and sadly I dont have ANY friends that like to hang out and do random stuff in cosplay
... Actually, I don't have any friends that cosplay (other than the ones I see at conventions)
So I was wondering if there was anyone in the Tampa or Brandon area that would like to hang out and joke around in cosplay....
(I dont have a car so I cant go too far out of my way since i hafta take the bus...otherwise I wouldnt mind driving everywhere...lol)

Basically I'm your average 20 year old anime geek that likes to make an idiot out of her self.... And it's always funner if you have someone else to hang out with...

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This is my Deviantart, not many pics because I reaaallllllllllly suck at drawing...lol
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x3 well I'm new here so I thought I'd say hi! xD

Kya, so um yea, I'm not sure what else to say now actually...lol

leessee...interests...anime, cosplay, drawing, etc...the usual

So who's going to what cons? I love how FL has so many

The ones I go to every year are:
Anime Express
Anime Fest Orlando
MetroCon(when I can)

Hopefully I can go to all of these this year...

So I guess that's it for my intro xD happy 2 b here <3


Hey there, I'm in Orlando and just wanted to give a shout out. I've lived here a long while but most of my friends have moved away and I'm looking for some new ones. I like mostly shounen anime but my repatoire is pretty extensive...I'm 23 so I've seen quite a few series, as you can imagine. My otaku-ishness started when I was 15 X_X

anyhoo give me a shout anyone in the orlando area who's interested in hanging out!

My Introduction

Hi everyone, I'm new to the community and I thought I'd say hi while I'm waiting for class to start in about 20 mins. You can call me Kenji(nickname), and I've been an anime fan ever since Time Warner Cable got Cartoon Network and Toonami ^_^ I remember DBZ, Sailor Moon, Voltron, Robotech, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Beebop, Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin(fav. anime. ever. and. manga. too.) and even Pokemon (the first season rocked <_< the others didn't) I'm glad to be in a community of anime fans finally, since I won't look like a dork for chit-chatting about it endlessly with you all! Message me if any of you are near UCF or going to UCF, since I'd love to meet up and talk anime and maybe watch some stuff. I'm always up for trying new series!
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KH/FF Shoot at Anime Festival Orlando

Attention all Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy/Disney cosplayers!

If you are attending [Anime Festival Orlando] next weekend, we're having a KH/FF/Disney photo shoot!

When: Friday @ 2 PM
Where: Stairway outside the northern most end of the convention hall (across from Main Events) - we will then move to a more scenic location once enough people have met up
Who: Anyone who has a Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, or related Disney costume is welcome; if you would like to come just to watch/take photos, you are welcomed too!

More info and discussion can be found on the Cosplay.com forums at [this link]

Hope to see some of you there!
- Orca
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I will be having a yardsale at my house this weekend, if anyone is interested you can get my address by replying here and I will message you my address and phone number if you wish.
I will be selling aloooot of anime merchandise (and some tools and clothes as well) be sure to leave a message if youre interested. ^_^

AFOScars Auditions

Anime Festival Orlando, is holding auditions for pre-filmed events
to be shown at this years AFOscars awards ceremony. We’re looking
for cosplayers of all shapes and sizes to fill various roles.

We're looking for the following characters:
Cowboy Bebop – Spike
Cowboy Bebop – Julia
Naruto – Naruto
Naruto – Sarutobi / Third Hokage
Bleach – Ichigo
Legend of Zelda – Link
Any Male Power Ranger
Katamari Damacy – King of all Cosmos
Sailor Moon – Sailors Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Moon
Sailor Moon – Tiger’s Eye / Hawk’s Eye
Lupin III – Lupin
Lupin III – Daisuke Jigen
One Piece – Luffy
One Piece – Various
Pirate Characters – Traditional Style
Space Ghost
SeaLab 2021 Wetsuit (Orange SCUBA gear)
Ultimate Warrior or other Pro Wrestler

For more information or directions, e-mail the event supervisor at

Hope to see everyone there!
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Wow, long time no post...

Hi y'all! I was wondering if there are any Ouran High School Host Club fans out there. I'll be attending Megacon on Saturday cosplaying as Kaoru along with my Hikaru, so if you see me flirting with either my brother or random ladies, feel free to glomp, photo, wave, say hi, tickle, and etc. I don't bite though Hikaru might get a little jealous. I look forward to seeing y'all there!