Troy (tenshikun) wrote in florida_otaku,

AFOScars Auditions

Anime Festival Orlando, is holding auditions for pre-filmed events
to be shown at this years AFOscars awards ceremony. We’re looking
for cosplayers of all shapes and sizes to fill various roles.

We're looking for the following characters:
Cowboy Bebop – Spike
Cowboy Bebop – Julia
Naruto – Naruto
Naruto – Sarutobi / Third Hokage
Bleach – Ichigo
Legend of Zelda – Link
Any Male Power Ranger
Katamari Damacy – King of all Cosmos
Sailor Moon – Sailors Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Moon
Sailor Moon – Tiger’s Eye / Hawk’s Eye
Lupin III – Lupin
Lupin III – Daisuke Jigen
One Piece – Luffy
One Piece – Various
Pirate Characters – Traditional Style
Space Ghost
SeaLab 2021 Wetsuit (Orange SCUBA gear)
Ultimate Warrior or other Pro Wrestler

For more information or directions, e-mail the event supervisor at

Hope to see everyone there!

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