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My first hello

Hello everyone,

This is my first Livejournal post in a long time and saw this group so decided to become a member. ^^ Been looking for people who love anime and cosplaying as much as I do, to hang out with so I hope this is the perfect place to find them. :D

I'm 25 years old and been into anime since I was a little girl. Sailor Moon was my first anime and I have been a fan ever since. I'm also a bit of an artist so I hope to put aside my fear and sell some art at the conventions in the Tampa/Orlando area in 2011.  Was also wondering if fellow artists who have gone to the conventions in those cities would mind giving me any tips.

Would also love to find cosplaying groups. Cosplaying is awesome but it sucks to do it alone as the past people I been with don't find dressing up to be interesting. :/

I live in Lakeland area (A town between Tampa and Orlando) and hope to be able to meet up with people who live in or near my area! I admit I am shy but willing to come out of my shell to find awesome friends. ^^

My page if any artist wants to check out and give me some tips! http://lethalpepsi.deviantart.com/

Take care!!

PS. I plan on going to Shadocon on Nov..to check out the art alley. I won't be cosplaying due to money issues but I thought of going to enjoy a day of fun. Would anyone be going????

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