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Hey, all!
Um, lol, Idk what to say. I'm from the Venice area (just south of Sarasota, if you haven't heard of it!) and I love anime and manga and all aspects of Japanese culture :)

A few things I'm hoping this community can help me with:
I'm DESPERATELY looking for an artist to collaborate with to submit manga to publishers. I've been writing all my life, and always wanted to become a writer. Since I could never stick to finishing a novel, I tried writing manga scrips and it's been great, but I can't draw. So if anyone's interested (or knows someone, be they in FL or not) gimme a shoutout and if possible a DA link or something :)

Secondly, my friends and I are already planning on cosplaying as Naruto characters next year at Metrocon 2011 (or wherever the wind takes us~) and are hoping someone might have some cheap cosplay stuff for sale.
We're so far looking for:
Akatsuki jackets
Shoes (blue sandals and Akatsuki shoes sizes 8-10)
Kakashi cosplay (anything helps!)
Headbands (leaf village, crossed out leaf, crossed out sand)
Weapons pouches

Oh, and if there are any cute otaku boys in the area heheh ;P

Um, anyway, if anyone can help with art or stuff, that'd be great :D
Moving on, I've been into anime since I was about 12, so for 7 years. My first manga was Chobits and my first anime (other than stuff that I didn't know was anime: hamtaro, Sailor Moon, etc) was Mahoromatic. I have a lot of series I love, so I don't really know my favorites. I went to my first convention a few weeks ago, Metrocon 2010 in Tampa. It was AWESOME! I cosplayed as Dokruo-chan and it was a hit :) If anyone here was there and remembers me, drop a comment!

Photo courtesy of Talentless Troll's Anime/Video Games: Metrocon 2010

I enjoy all sorts of series. Everything from Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy to Death Note and everything between and beyond. I'm a yaoi fangirl at heart, but you know... I love all the Miyazaki movies (at least the ones I've seen) and another great non-series movie I love is Origin: Spirits of the Past. I highly reccomend it. My favorite voice actors are Vic Mignogna and Grey Ayres, and on the matter of dub v. sub, it really just depends on the series to me. Like, I love Vic and Greg, but I thought the Ouran dub was awful. Meanwhile Negima and FMA were really great dubs! So, yeah.

Well, that's enough of an introduction for me. If anyone can or wants to try and help me in any way, or wants to see if we can become friends, just say so here :)

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