motenai_ronin (motenai_ronin) wrote in florida_otaku,

Anime and Game Souvenirs and Gifts

Hey all, I live in the Sarasota / Venice area and after going to college in NYC, I've come back and am missing the literal plethora of import stores, gift shops ,and souvenir stands all across the city. So I was hoping if anyone knows local stops where I could pick up stuff like plushes, memoribilia, etc such as decorative items, stuff other than the norm, stuff like towels, pillowcases, car accessories (ie steering wheel covers, seat belt "teddies") with a cutesy anime-otaku flair.

The internet is fine, but shipping prices can be a great pain in the a*** and I just want a place I can do some shopping around.
Thanks and I hopes to get to know peeps like you.

ps, I'm an 20 yo asian male, stocky build, an endomorph (look it up) and currently looking for a similarly aged woman of asian descent (rolls eyes at himself)  He is currently trying to get himself situated.


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