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Squareplay @ Megacon Confirmed

Squareplay is coming to Megacon 2008!

Squareplay, a global community exclusively for Square-Enix character cosplayers, will be having one of its first meets and shoots at Megacon in 2008. This will be the perfect opportunity to meet other members in person and to gain new friends.

This shoot will be open to all Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and other Square-Enix cosplayers. Membership is not required to attend.

Date: Friday, March 7th 2008
Time: 3 PM
Location: (North/South Concourse, Hall SB) Level 2, area facing S220 F & G [Interactive Floor Plan]

Squareplay has open membership for any Square-Enix cosplayer from around the world. Joining is free and easy! Visit us at our forums for more development on all our meets/shoots, and other events at Megacon and other conventions.

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